Excerpt fromHer Sworn Enemy

"Now, if on the other hand, you wanted me to make it up to you in some other way—"

She stopped him short. "Nothing is going to happen between us, so you can get any ideas of that right out of your head."

He held up his hands, but the outline of the smug smile remained, and she could tell he wasn't taking her warning seriously. "Fine, but don't blame me if you can't handle the sight of me stripping out of a dive suit without your bikini going up in flames."

She sighed. "You really think I can"t resist your charms, don't you?

He stepped closer, purposely invading her air space. A wave of body heat, seasoned with sea salt, sunshine, and something totally male and way too appealing made her breath catch.

"I don't have to think it, Doc. I know."

"You know," she said, her voice heavy with sarcasm.

"Simple science." He reached out, a single fingertip caressing her cheek, brushing back a stray strand of hair and tucking it behind her ear. His voice lowered a fraction making her insides curl with heat. "Your pupils dilate when I get too close. Your breathing changes. Add that to that pink flush that starts to color your skin like strawberries covered in cream, and the way you shiver when I barely touch you, and yeah, I know. Say whatever you want, but there's chemistry between us."

Bella turned away from him and walked over to the window to look out at the sea. Her hands were shaking.

"The only chemistry we're going to be exploring while I"m aboard this ship is electrolysis to clean the encrustation off our finds."

"You make cleaning sound so sexy."

"You keep to your part of the operation, and I'll stick to mine."

"What exactly are you afraid of?"

She spun around. "I already told you. I don't trust you. You're a McCormack."

He sighed and shook his head. "My big bro must have been a bigger dick to you than I thought." He looked at her, his eyes narrowing. "He really did a number on you, didn't he?"

She crossed her arms. "I don't think that"s any of your business."

McCormack chuckled, stepping closer to her, the presence of him invading her space and making her body tingle. "See, that's where you"d be wrong. You made it my business the moment you stepped on this ship. We have to be able to trust and rely on one another to stay safe out here in the middle of nowhere. We have a strict no-fraternization policy aboard this ship, so you're safe from the crew and from me. And before you go making any more assumptions that could jeopardize this operation, let"s get one thing straight, you're not the only person here who"s been screwed over by a McCormack. So have I."

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